Edit Photo/Create Collage

In order to create and print your photos, we will first edit them or create a collage

Step 1: You can use any editor/collage maker of your choice.  We recommend PhotoGrid1 for it's strong capabilities along with being a free app (with ads) for both iOS and Android.


Step 2: Open PhotoGrid and press "Grid" (touch point #1) to create a collage or press "Edit" (touch point #2) to edit a single image.

Step 2.1 - Edits: Follow instructions for Steps 5, 6 & 9 to properly prepare photo for printing.



Step 3: Select the photo's that you want to add to the col.1lage. Press "NEXT" after completing selection.


step3 1


Step 4: Select the layout that you wish to use.  You can change this later in the process as you need to.


step5 1
step5 1

Step 5: In order for the photo to properly print, an Aspect Ratio of 3:4 must be selected. Press #1 to select Ratio and then press #2 to select 3:4 aspect ration.


step6 1

Step 6: To remove the default Watermark.  Select the Watermark option then "None".


step 7 1
Step 7 - 2

Step 7: You can easily adjust the size of each image, zoom or crop an image and swap photo location using the built in tools.


step 8 1
Step 8 - 2
Step 8 - 2=3

Step 8: You can change the size, style and spacing of the border.

Step 8.1: #1 Frame Style.

Step 8.2: #2 Outside border width.

Step 8.3: #3 Border between photo's width.

Step 8.4: #4 Changes the amount of corner rounding.


step 9 - 1


Step 9: Once all edits are complete, follow the intructions at Uploading Photos to upload files.